Yay!! You did it! 


We’re so thrilled you’ve taken the frankly BRILLIANT decision to join the SIS community and the PRIME programme.

While we wait for this round of PRIME to kick off, you can come and join our Fog, Flab and Flushes group. Here you will find our SIS community of other wonderful women.

When the program is released we’ll send an email with ALL the links and details that you’ll need.

Remember that lifestyle changes will help you MASSIVELY!  This programme is going to be about you learning how to help yourself which will complement other things that you may already be doing, maybe taking medication for example.

Know that we’re here for the duration. You’ll have ups and downs and that’s normal BUT I know that you will feel physically and mentally so much better.  These PRIME years are crucial, it is our PRIME time, we should be totally THRIVING and we can be!!!!!

Clare & Rox x